Client Services Division


CSD offers a 24/7 emergency response for any home related urgency as well as regular home maintenace and repair. To schedule CSD service call 401.427.8515 or to report a home related emergency please call 401.427.7911

CSD Warranty and Maintenance

In addition to the standard warranty service with every completed project, we offer an optional customized maintenance packages for long term care of your home. These services include regular interior and exterior maintenance, house monitoring, and seasonal opening and closing of homes. Our experienced technicians are trained to coordinate and supervise all maintenance work to relieve you of the burden.

Sample of seasonal maintenance services offered by CSD

  • Inspect and clean gutters
  • Check and seal windows and doors
  • Clean/inspect chimney
  • Snow plowing
  • Shoveling of sidewalks and walkways
  • Application of ice melt product
  • Furnace tune up
  • Change furnace filters
  • Maintenance of heated driveway systems
  • Check interior/exterior light bulbs
  • Seal driveway
  • Inspect roof
  • Clean HVAC ducts

We have been extremely impressed with the capabilities, responsiveness, flexibility, and quality of the CSD team from Parker Construction.

To inquire more about CSD please call 401.427.8500 or email