Blue Garden

Newport, RI

Project Manager: Tammy Borges
Landscape Architect:
Reed Hilderbrand
Site Superintendent: John Machado

Originally completed in 1913, the Blue Garden underwent a comprehensive restoration beginning a month after its centenarian anniversary and finishing 11 months later, just in time for a rededication on its 101st birthday. In order to meet this tight deadline Parker Construction worked an aggressive schedule that included erecting large enclosures over large swathes of the garden in order to continue work apace through the long New England winter. 

In the hands of Parker Construction and landscape architect Reed Hildebrand and landscape contractor R.P. Marzilli, the Blue Garden was revived to match the original vision of Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. and his brother John Charles Olmstead; exactingly restored were the garden’s walls, trellis, north and south pergolas, and carefully manicured lawns. 

In addition, the garden boasts a multi-fixture water feature which includes a water basin with a “Sea Creature” spout and tilework carefully fabricated to match the original. A lily pond, reflection pool with water jets, and two lotus ponds round out the grounds. 

Encircled by a trellis fence, the space comes together in a way that is exquisite and lush, reminiscent of the era in which it was originally conceived.