Slate Roof & Interior Renovation

Newport, RI

Project Manager: John Machado
Site Supervisor: Tom King

Before and AfterBefore and AfterCan you tell the difference between the before and after? You shouldn’t! Parker Construction restored this historic slate roof to its original turn of the century glory. 

The Newport Historical Society required PCCI to match the percentages of color hues in the slate with historical precedent, meaning just as when this, the last of the European palaces, was originally built, the same amount of blues, purples and greens glint into the sea. PC also replicated design elements on the roof, including lead coated copper spires and decorative acorns. Since the home is curved, the roof was rebuilt in true radius fashion, as opposed to being completed in segments.

PC also fabricated and installed a mermaid weather vane cast in bronze and copper with gold leaf detailing in her hair and conch shell.