Legacy Library

Newport, RI

Project Manager: Tammy Borges

Designer: Couture Design Associates

Structural Engineer: Camera-O'Neill 

Site Superintendent: Tom King



An innovative project to be sure, PCCI is working closely with Couture Design Associates and Camera-O'Neill Consulting Engineers to bring to life the unique vision of a Newport client.

Adroitly designed by J.P. Couture, this project features an impressive private library fantastically integrated into the property's existing features. A loggia connects the steel-framed library to the existing conservatory to the west, while a granite bridge spans the swimming pool to the south; the bridge then leads to a rill which, in turn, flows into the building. 

A complex project, the library's lower level sits approximately 17 feet below grade, which required extensive engineering by Camera-O'Neill along with intricate concrete work by R.J. Cawley Contracting, and an elaborate dewatering system, pumping groundwater up to the surface in order to protect the building. 

Inside at the lower level is a nympheaum where just about every inch is decorated with ornamental finishes like intricate shell work by Christa's South Seashells and a mural by local artist Luke Randall that couples with lavish marble and tile create a whimsical mosaic. Upstairs is the bright and stately library where European beech millwork is complemented by a bronze rail by Concentric Fabrication tying the interior into the bronze work by Buccacio Sculpture Studios whose work is featured  along the rill outside.